TSA Testing Self-Service Screening at LAS

Mar 13, 2024 | Safety & Security

Passenger looking at monitor

TSA’s latest addition at the checkpoint might look familiar to travelers who have used self-checkout at a grocery store or self-bag tagging at the airport. 

Initially intended for TSA Pre-Check passengers, a new self-screening system offers travelers a security checkpoint experience that lets them go at their own pace. 

The new system is currently being tested at the TSA Innovation Checkpoint in Terminal 3 at LAS.  

Many passengers prefer an experience that they can complete with minimal interaction with a Transportation Security Officer. The self-service screening concept is intended to improve the customer experience without sacrificing security. 

It enables Pre-Check passengers to complete the security screening process on their own by first confirming their identification and flight reservation through facial recognition then placing bags onto a conveyor belt to be screened before walking through a scanner. 

The scanner looks for items that shouldn’t be there and tells the traveler if they need to remove a wallet, keys or other item from their pockets before proceeding. Once cleared, the passenger collects their carry on and is on their way. 

If they have any questions during screening, passengers can interact with TSA officers via a touch screen monitor. 

The self-screening system is being tested exclusively at LAS. Like much of the technology in place at the Innovation Checkpoint, it has the potential to enhance the passenger experience and change what checkpoints of the future look like.

Watch how the technology works as demonstrated on Good Morning America. 

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