Mitigation plan lets animals and aircraft safely coexist

Sep 8, 2023 | Aviation, Safety & Security

Wildlife Mitigation at LAS

Wildlife might not be the first thing we think of when we think of flight safety at LAS, but the airport’s proximity to parks, golf courses and other animal-friendly habitats mean precautions must be taken to lessen the risks posed by nearby feathered and four-legged creatures.

Commonly known as bird strikes, incursions between wildlife and aircraft can inflict damage to a plane’s engines and wings, as well as the nose, windshield or fuselage. In the interest of the traveling public’s safety, the Department of Aviation maintains a formal wildlife hazard management plan.

The plan relies heavily on the people working in the airport environment as the first line of defense. Airport Operations Coordinators with the DOA conduct daily airfield inspections which include searches for wildlife. They use humane tactics such as loud noises to scare animals away and note anything that might attract birds and other wildlife, such as standing water and weeds.

Everyone working at the airport can do their part. The wildlife hazard working group recommends the following to all tenants:

  • Do not feed or put out food for birds or other animals at the airport.
  • Keep all areas free of open food sources.
  • Close lids and avoid overfilling dumpsters, compactors, grease bins and FOD barrels.
  • Secure, clean and regularly empty grease bins and adjacent areas.
  • Immediately clean up litter and spills.
  • Secure, clean and regularly empty trash carts and containers; inspect containers for leaks.
  • Do not disturb bait stations or animal traps.
  • Do not store material in a manner that it could become a nest for wildlife.
  • Immediately report any wildlife strike; live animals or birds; dead animal remains or any insect infestations or rodent sightings to the Airport Control Center at 702-261-5125.

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