Did You Know: Clark County’s Smaller Airports

Sep 1, 2021 | Aviation, Community

Jean Airport

Harry Reid International Aiport (LAS) isn’t the only airport under the jurisdiction of the Clark County Department of Aviation. The Clark County Aviation System is comprised of five airports, each with their own function and clientele. In addition to LAS, there’s: Henderson Executive Airport, North Las Vegas Airport, Overton-Perkins Field and Jean Sport Aviation Center.

Located in Jean, Nevada, and just 20 miles south of Las Vegas, Jean Sport Aviation Center was designed in order to meet the growing popularity of sport aviation and allow these aviators a place to operate away from the congestion of commercial and general aviation aircraft.

What was once a gravel and dirt landing strip was upgraded to two asphalt runways and rededicated as the Jean Sport Aviation Center in September 1996.

Throughout the years, it has been a great location for fly-ins and ideal for recreational aviation. It also helps support sport aviation businesses. Currently, two commercial skydiving business and one glider club operate out of Jean.

While there is no fixed base operator available onsite, there are self-service 100LL and Jet A facilities.

A ramp rehabilitation and expansion project was completed in 2018 to keep the airport prepared to meet future demand. The updates to the ramp included improved surface guidance to the movement area, new tie-down hardware and anchors, six additional rows of aircraft tie-down space and LED high mast lighting.

Jean is well positioned to provide relief for the general aviation airports and allow aviation sport enthusiasts to fly for years to come!

Also in the Clark County Aviation family is Overton-Perkins Field.

Located in Overton, Nev., this airport features a 4,800-foot paved runway. First established in 1947, Perkins Field served as an emergency landing location for aircraft departing from Nellis Air Force Base.

It’s utilized primarily by tourists to the region wanting to access the natural wonders of the Moapa Valley. It offers convenient access to outdoor areas such as Valley of Fire State Park and the Overton Beach portion of Lake Mead.

Due to its location, it is also a great spot to support sports activities such as the skydiving business that uses the field for landings and takeoffs, as well as flight schools. These operations can thrive while not taking away from the precious airspace around McCarran, Henderson Executive and North Las Vegas Airports.

More than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, it is not a convenient asset for the DOA to manage on a day-to-day basis. That is why there is a part-time caretaker who lives in the area and is responsible for ensuring that the airport is running smoothly.

It has been updated over the years, and now features 11 enclosed hangars, as well as tie-down spaces for transient travelers, and self-service fuel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Jean Airport

Jean Airport

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