November is here and Air Travel is off to the Races

Nov 1, 2023 | Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Las Vegas is very familiar with special events and large-scale conventions, but November will up the ante as the community hosts a Formula 1 race on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

Every expectation is that the airport will be busy with those wanting to experience this historic event!

So what should travelers look out for in the weeks ahead?

Road Closures

There will be ongoing closures on the roadways near and around the airport leading up to the big race. Not only could this impact typical routes to the airport, it will push more traffic to airport roadways. Allow additional time if headed to LAS.

The latest F1-related traffic details and updates can be found here:

Getting to the Airport

While F1 is taking place (Nov. 16-18), it’s best to take I-215 or Russell Road/Eastern Avenue when possible to access the airport as Tropicana and Paradise will be extremely busy. Other alternate routes are Maryland Parkway and Spencer Street.

Parking will be in High Demand – Consider all Transportation Options

As locals head out of town for the holiday, preferred parking options will reach capacity at the airport. Make sure to allow enough time to find a spot or potentially be redirected to a location with availability.

Save time by heading directly to the Terminal 3 Long Term Garage.

  • If traveling without checked bags, go through the TSA Security Checkpoint at T3 and access your departure gate via tram.
  • If you need to check bags at T1, there is a courtesy shuttle available to transport travelers between the terminals. This service is located on Level Zero of both terminals and runs approximately every 15 minutes.

More information about the different parking options at LAS can be found here:

So Long F1, Hello Thanksgiving

The airport is anticipating those departing from the Formula 1 activities will overlap with locals traveling for Thanksgiving. With that in mind, be prepared for the terminals to be busier than anticipated.

Reduce wait times:

  • Utilize options such as mobile check-in
  • Know what items can go through the TSA checkpoint
  • Review the airline’s baggage size and weight policies before arriving at the airport

Delays and Cancellations

Inclement weather disrupting holiday travel is nothing new. Make sure to be prepared with essentials such as snacks, childcare items, medication, chargers, etc. in case of a delay or cancellation. The airline is the best source of information regarding updates on flight status and accommodations should plans change.

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