LAS: A City Within a City

Jan 17, 2024 | Airport Amenities, General

With the same amenities you’d expect to see in a bustling metropolis, LAS is a city within a city.  

In addition to the wide variety of shops … bars … and restaurants, the airport’s 18,000 employees and millions of travelers have access to in-person banking and ATMs, a post office, a gym with sleeping rooms, a UMC medical clinic, not to mention a museum with multiple exhibits highlighting the history of aviation in Southern Nevada. 

There are also two metro police substations – one in each terminal – with officers providing airport security.  

The airport even has its own fire station located on the airfield with specialized firefighting equipment designed for extinguishing aircraft fires. 

And because it’s in Las Vegas, this city within a city offers travelers one last shot at winning, with more than 1,000 slot machines. If you think no one wins at the airport, think again — earlier this year we had two guests take home more than a million dollars in winnings each!

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